E-vaping has come a long way to become the most preferred and the safest way of getting the pleasure that come with nicotine. When it first came to the market, there wasn’t much choice and so vapers could only buy what was available. Today, however, there are tons of choices with the option of buying a high VG and a high PG, or choosing between free base and nicotine salts and more.

In the words of many people, that’s a good development in the world of e-cigarettes, but the fact that there are many options has meant that the vast majority of people have challenges choosing the Best E Liquid that can satisfy their needs. This post has been put together to help explain some of the e-liquid options, what they address so that you can make an informed decision on which e-liquids are suitable for you.

E-liquids for a smooth throat hit

Technology has made it possible for vapers to enjoy their vapes without having the worry of a dry throat. But there are two options when it comes to achieving a soft throat hit of an e-liquid. The first option would be to go for nicotine salts, which are so far the latest innovation. Their introduction was to address the concern that nicotine hit with high strength e-liquids were extremely harsh.

Nicotine salts utilize the original nicotine formula that is found in natural tobacco, which is known to create a smooth throat hit. In addition to enjoying a smooth hit, it helps to increase the speed of delivery of nicotine, making vapers to have a stronger feeling of satisfaction. Some of the popular nicotine salts include Halo Salts, Ohm Brew and Nasty Juice among others. The other option of reducing the throat hit is by choosing an e-liquid with a higher VG. However, you can only utilize this type when you have advanced vaping equipment.

Replacing the Effects of a Cigarette

You can change from the traditional cigarette by choosing an e-liquid that has a higher propylene glycol, which comes with a VG: PG ratio of 1:1. These types of e-liquids are preferably to be used with pod systems and other devices that are designed for a tight and restricted draw that resembles the mechanism of a cigarette. Today, vapers say that pod systems that combine nicotine salts and the Best E Liquid result in a more realistic and enjoyable experience.

No matter the choice of your e-liquid, it is important to consider your personal experience, the cost and the style.

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