There are many great reasons why consumers should quit smoking. For starters, quitting smoking will help them avoid life-threatening illnesses, such as lung cancer, and numerous other respiratory conditions. As you may know, smoking kills. Secondly, smoking has been banned in public places, so quitting will help to ensure you’re always on the right side of the law. This means you can avoid frequent arrests and costly fines.

If you have already been addicted to nicotine, quitting smoking can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there are many alternatives that have been created just for people like you. For instance, there are electric cigarettes and vape mods on the market. These are electronic devices that vaporize nicotine liquid in a tank to create nicotine vapor that you can inhale to get your dose of nicotine. After making the decision to switch to vaping, you will need to look for the best vape mods for your needs. In this regard, below are key factors to take into consideration during the search;

i) Pricing

Obviously, this is an important factor that cannot be overlooked. The best vape mods are usually competitively priced. When making your list, therefore, it is imperative you check the prices quoted by different vendors to ensure you find the most competitively-priced vapes on the market. That said, price should be the last factor to consider during your search. After all, you want to get value for money, not a cheap vape.

ii) Battery Capacity

It is imperative you check and compare the capacities of the batteries that come with the vapes on your list. This is because you are looking for a vape with a powerful battery that can last you several days or hundreds of puffs. Only vapes with over 2000mAh rating should be on your shortlist. The current capacity and voltage rating of the battery must also be considered. The best batteries can discharge at the rate of 25A, to give you the strong hit you’re looking for.

iii) Tank Capacity

The best vapes have medium-sized tanks, so they can hold enough e-liquid to last you a day or two. You do not want to refill your vape tank several times a day, so be sure to avoid vapes with small tanks.

Since there are many vendors on the market, you need to compare their delivery time-frames to identify the best vendor for your needs. Be sure to also do some research on the reputation of the shortlisted vendors before you decide to commit yourself.

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