Small businesses that are transitioning to a more advanced inventory management system will need to get themselves a couple of QR reader scanner devices. These are widely available online with different models providing their own sets of features. Before you make a purchase, consider how you plan to use it and what you might need for the best possible results. The following buying guide should get you started on the right track:

Design and Ergonomics

Some of these QR reader scanner to use than other. Study their designs and read the comments on usability. Better ergonomics lead to less fatigue and greater productivity. The handles should be made from non-slip materials with the right curves and dimensions to make them easy to hold for extended periods. The button should provide satisfying travel without needing much force.

Connectivity Options

Check the connectivity options when pairing the device to a computer. Most should be able to connect via USB cable but this will only be good in applications such as the checkout counter. If the staff needs to work in a warehouse, then a 2.4GHz wireless option would be better for freedom of movement. Bluetooth technology may also be available.

Supported Barcode Types

See which types of barcodes are supported by the scanner. Some will only be able to read 1D or 2D. Others will be able to read both of there as well as QR codes. See to it that your preferred coding scheme is compatible with the device. Scans should be instant and reliable.

Indicator Options

The device will notify the user if the code has been read so that they can move on to the next item. This can be through a sound, an LED light, or a vibration. Some might have all of these available so that users can freely experiment and see which works best for them.

Offline Storage

There might not always be a computer to pair with and capture the data immediately. In these cases, it would be nice to have a scanner with substantial storage capacity. It can hold the information in the meantime to finish the job. The data can then be upload later on via wired or wireless connections.

Special Features

Some devices offer special features such as an included stand, a charging cradle, a display screen, or the capability to provide ultra long transmission. These can increase the price by a bit. Consider whether you need these features or not.

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