It is essential to remember that for cleaning PVC surfaces, it is absolutely not necessary to use solvent-based detergents, linseed oil, acetone or trichlorethylene, or products such as vitrified paints, alkaline detergents, black soap, soft powder soap and abrasive pads.

PVC tiles can be laid either in particularly busy and subject to trampling environments, or in more peaceful places; thanks to this versatility, PVC can be subjected to different types of dirt, that is the more stubborn one and the softer one: for both types of dirt it is necessary to intervene in a different way, in order to guarantee the perfect yield of PVC flooring used by Mezzanine Floor Builders Melbourne.

PVC floors are particularly prone to dirt, as it is sufficient to rub on the rubber of the shoes to leave aesthetically unpleasant streaks. PVC can also be affected byThe action of chemicals, even the most common ones, such as hairspray, acetone to remove nail polish or even food and drink.

In order to keep the PVC surfaces clean and to preserve their perfectly intact beauty, it is necessary to brush it, every day, with a broom with soft bristles; this simple remedy against dirt, can be reinforced with the passage of a soft and damp cloth, soaked in water and neutral detergent, especially in cases where incrustations and various accumulations are difficult to remove as shown by Mezzanine Floor Builders Melbourne.

Sometimes, however, the use of the broom is a remedy that is not recommended, since it would risk raising too much dust that would stick to the walls. For this reason, the use of a much more practical and hygienic vacuum cleaner is more suitable. In the case where the wards of a hospital are clean, this last remedy is not the most suitable solution, then, it is sufficient to carefully wash the floor with a damp cloth.

However, when the dirt becomes much more stubborn, or for more persistent stains, it is necessary to use different substances, specific for cleaning PVC, with a soap base and enriched with wax. Specific products must be applied to the PVC floor by spraying; these, left to work for about twenty minutes, must be removed with a clean cloth, in order to remove the detergent and the remains of the captured dirt.

Once this cleaning procedure has been completed, simply wipe the surface with a perfectly clean and dust-free woolen cloth to give the PVC a touch of shine again. It is essential to keep in mind that it is not advisable to pour a large quantity of water onto the PVC surfaces.

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