Home maintenance is tedious but it can save you a lot of money and effort in the long haul. Some of the tasks are easy such as mowing the yard and repainting neglected surfaces. Others are much more difficult and may require professional help. For example, gutters need to be cleaned from time to time to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. If this task is not performed, then pests can start to flock this part of the house and make it their home. Rainwater will also have a hard time flowing across the channel is things are blocking the path. It is likely to overflow, possibly causing flood inside the house.

Scheduling the Clean-up

Gutter cleaning Peterborough should be cleaned at least twice a year. More dates can be scheduled if the house is particularly prone to debris, such as those surrounded by trees. Fall leaves, branches, flowers, and fruits will accumulate along the length of this installation at a faster rate than usual in that case. Spring and autumn are the best times to do this activity because the conditions are ideal. The temperatures are mild and the weather is likely to cooperate. Sometimes unscheduled cleaning will have to be done because of compelling circumstances. For example, a massive storm might have passed leaving mountains of debris everywhere. After cleaning the yard, the gutters should come next.

Important Safety Tips

The location of the gutters is one of the biggest reasons why homeowners put off maintenance work. Since it is elevated, it is harder to reach and cleaning it can be dangerous. The elderly might want to leave this task to the younger ones. A common mistake is trying to clean it by standing on the sloped roof. This is not recommended by experts. It would be safer to use sturdy ladder that is firmly planted on the ground. It would also be good to have a companion at the bottom to steady the ladder and give a helping hand. Do not over-extend when grabbing dirt as your weight might cause the ladder to tip to one side.

The Cleanup Process

You should be able to complete this process with your hands if you have a thick pair of gloves that is suited for this purpose. Don’t use your bare hands as you may get pricked or wounded by shard objects. You could also use a garden trowel for scooping out persistent dirt. Do all the cleaning that you can within reach before moving the ladder along the length of the gutter. Once all the big chunks are out, you can try to wash down the finer sediments by hosing things down until the spout discharges clean water. If you need help with this, then contact gutter cleaning Peterborough specialists.

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