If you have been looking for the best vacuum cleaner for a variety of surfaces without breaking your budget; we have got you covered. Shark Ionflex vacuum cleaners are now optimized for floor and carpet cleaning, with the ability to reach hidden surfaces. Shark Ionflex vacuums are lightweight to guarantee hassle-free operation. Corded versions are also available for those who trust the comfort of constant power supply. Read through our Shark Ionflex reviews for a better insight into these wonderful products.

Multiflex Technology

The Ionflex vacuums boast of the Multiflex technology, a handy innovation that eases operation and storage. A Multiflex lock release button conveniently located on the wand enables you to change the angle of operation, thus reaching to further distances. This feature becomes handy especially when cleaning under the tables, couches, or beds. The same button allows you to fold the wand for compact storage.

LED Headlights

The inclusion of LED headlights even makes cleaning dark corners easier. While most brands do not feature headlights, the inclusion of the same in the Ionflex means you can spot all dirt as you clean. The cordless design allows for easy maneuvering around the home, making it easy to clean all surfaces from the floor to the ceiling. Ionflex’s compact design makes it suitable for small homes.

Smart Response Technology

Operating Ionflex vacuums is now easy courtesy of their smart response technology. Shark Ionflex vacuums now feature adjustable settings for different types of floors and suction strengths. The carpet setting is optimized for cleaning high pile carpets, while the floor setting is appropriate for area rugs and bare floors. The normal suction setting enables an extended running of the device while a maximum power setting is appropriate for heavy-duty cleaning.

Ionflex cleaners are further equipped with motorized brushes that scrub off any dirt stuck on their path. The strong suction sends all materials towards the collection cup. While this technology is not exclusive to Shark Ionflex, it is a smart addition that makes cleaning easy. These devices come with a dirt cup and a conveniently-located release button.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Shark vacuums are easy to use and perform exceptionally on different surfaces. Customer Shark Ionflex reviews show flexibility and ease of control as the most attractive features. Ionflex vacuums have been found to clean better around dark corners and under furniture than any other products in their category. With all these features packed in one unit and the price range, we would recommend Ionflex vacuums for small home and office cleaning.

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