A swimming pool is always a great addition to any home. It becomes possible to take a dip at any time so you don’t have to jostle others at the public pool or travel far to the beach. Just walk a few steps to the back of the house and swim. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, noon, or night. You can even invite friends and family for some company. You can have a small barbecue or a full-blown party with the neighbors. Adding a few things to the poolside can enhance the experience including outdoor furniture, a grill, a shade, and even a fence. Consider installing a framless glass pool fencing in order to:

Keep Kids and Pets Off the Pool

While it is definitely a big plus, having a pool does come with its own challenges. One of them is the constant cleaning necessary to keep the water safe and sanitary. Another is the stream of unwanted entrants. If you have small children in the house, then you would not want them to go wandering about the pool. They may not know how to swim yet so falling into the water is a real danger. Even if they are able to swim, you would still probably want to accompany them while they are in the water in case of emergency. A fence will keep them away when you’re not there.

Avoid Liability Lawsuits

The news that you have a pool can quickly reach the neighbors. Some kids might sneak in and use it while you’re away. You never really know what’s going on while you’re at work. Sure, they could only be having harmless fun but you never know whether it can turn into something else. In case one of them drowns or has some other accident, you can be held liable for it since it occurred in your property. You can actually be sued for damages. One way to avoid liabilities is to prove that you were diligent enough to try to prevent such occurrence. Installing a fence around the pool is a reasonable deterrent.

Get Protection without the Eyesore

There are lots of materials to choose from when it comes to fencing. You could opt for a traditional wood fence which would be cheap and easy to build. However, this could deteriorate rather quickly because of the proximity to water. It would also block the view to the pool so you won’t see who’s swimming from afar. You will also feel boxed in when you are in the water. Metal is a good alternative but this can be expensive. Glass is an ideal material since it is both transparent and water-resistant.

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