Akumal is one of the busiest tourist spots in Mexico. Lots of visitors come every year to enjoy the natural wonders and the ruins of ancient civilizations. The place has evolved over the years to accommodate the large crowds and their needs. You will see several fancy hotels that cater to holidaymakers from all over the world. You will also see smaller Akumal apartment rentals all over the place. Some will prefer one over the other. Below are just some of the reasons why you should consider apartment rentals over the bigger hotels in the area:

Cheaper than Hotels

If you have a tight budget but you have to have a nice vacation, then avoid hotels because they charge a lot for their rooms. Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses in any overseas trip so get this down to a reasonable level. Apartments will only charge a fraction of the cost of hotel rooms per night while providing you with bigger spaces and more facilities. These may not be as fancy or stylish, but they will be more than adequate to house you and your loved ones when you get to Akumal. You can even stay longer because you can stretch your budget.

Closer to the Locals

Hotels tend to be hidden away in exclusive commercial centers and resort sections. This makes them more private and secure but it also prevents the guests from seeing Akumal in its raw form. You would be surrounded by other tourists from other countries instead of actual locals who know the area like the back of their hands. Apartments are usually built-in local neighborhoods so you can see how they actually live instead of having an idealistic view. They could become your friends and point you to the best spots in town.

Feels More Like Home

Hotels are made for luxury and convenience. You will have a comfortable bed and a stylish room. However, you may not get a full kitchen unless you shell out enormous amounts on a grand suite. With apartments, you will really feel like you are living in a house and not an idealized version of one. You can find a kitchen, a laundry area, and everything else that you might need for daily chores. You might even find nice extras depending on the place that you are getting.

Akumal apartment rentals can be better options than hotels for your stay.

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