Are you thinking of starting a blog but aren’t sure how to do it? One of the first things that you will need is a blogging platform and a web host. Some companies offer both for your convenience such as WordPress Web Hosting. While there are plenty of other options, WordPress continues to be among the most popular content management systems for bloggers and even general-purpose sites. Let’s look at why this has become the go-to software for many online content creators.

Free and Widely Available

WordPress has an unbeatable price. The software itself is free so anyone can download the latest release in the official site whenever they want to. Indeed, more than 60 million sites are using it today including a third of the top destinations around the Web. A foundation focuses on its development and makes sure that it remains free for the public. However, the hosting side of things will require a small payment. Choose the official site or a third-party host — it is all up to you.

Ease of Use and Installation

The popularity of the platform can largely be attributed to the ease of use and installation. WordPress can be installed on a host in just a few clicks. Modifying the elements to suit your personal preferences is also a breeze. You do not have to be a serious coder in order to change things and create a beautiful blog. The settings are easy to access and there are plenty of tutorials that can walk you through everything that you need to know. Posting articles, adding media, and doing back-end stuff are all straightforward.

Frequent Updates

Users will not have to worry about security because the developers are quick to make updates to plug holes on vulnerabilities. As long as you stay current with the releases, you will not have to worry much about hackers and other issues. These updates also bring greater stability and new features for improved experience. They are posted several times each year so keep checking for the latest news.

Developer Support

Another great thing about this software is that it enjoys widespread develop support. People around the world create themes and add-ons that make this such a vibrant platform. Many of these are also available as free downloads so users can change the look of their site in one click. They can also extend the capabilities with the add-ons for statistical gathering, advertising, media posts, and other elements.

Be sure to find a reliable WordPress web hosting company to maximize all of the benefits of the platform.

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