Science has revealed that the human skin is exposed to trillions of microorganisms and diverse bacteria that could reside on or under the skin. A Majority of these microbes affect the human skin and predispose us to a lot of health problems. The reinforce our skin’s natural ability to protect against harmful bacteria, causes the skin PH to balance and go a long way in protecting against risks of skin cancer.

Sometimes, we tend to subject our skin to a lot of antibacteria and cleansers that eliminate the skin’s natural ability to retain good bacteria and a natural ecosystem that supports a healthy skin. This causes your skin to strain, break and eventually causing your eczema and psoriasis. The big question is “what can someone do to recreate his or her skin’s natural power to fight bad bacteria. The answer to your question lies in using probiotics. Here is what experts say about the working of probiotics on the human skin and why these creams should be part of your daily routine of skin care.

What Exactly are Probiotics?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, probiotics are simply microorganisms that resemble naturally-occurring bacteria found in gut. These microorganisms support a variety of health functions in the body, including digestion, production of serotonin and resistance against diseases and infections. The more the number of good bacteria in the body, the less likely you are to harbor bad bacteria that will cause serious issues such as gastrointestinal symptoms, inflammation, IBS and skin irritation.

How does Your Skin Benefit from Probiotics?

According to Dr. Whitney Bowe, a New York City-based dermatologist, probiotics help to optimize the health importance of good bacteria. They serve as a protective shield against entry of bad bacteria and other bugs, reducing the risks of inflammation, premature aging of the skin plus other issues.
People struggling with skin conditions such as acne will find probiotic calming creams very beneficial since they create an optimal environment for good bacteria to thrive. This will create a balance in your favor as zit-causing bacteria will not find their way into your skin, says experts.

What’s the Relationship Between Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Prebiotics are a non-digestible compounds that enhance the growth of good bacteria in your body. They are commonly found in various food stuff such as whole grains, soybeans, onions, bananas, greens, and garlic. But since our bodies do not digest these compounds, they end up in our intestines where they are acted upon by healthy bacteria. It is common to find probiotic creams that contain prebiotics because of their importance in promoting growth of healthy bacteria found on the human skin. If you want a naturally-looking and healthy skin, bu Probiotic Calming Cream and get make your skin look youthful.

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