Football is an obsession for millions. The beautiful game has a lot to offer sports fans with its rich history, talented stars, exciting matches, and headline-grabbing controversies. There really is something for everyone when it comes to this sport. Young children will often play it with their friends in school and in the neighbourhood. Some go on as players in various leagues as adults while most fill up the stadiums as fans of the game. Even the elderly can still cheer, support, and bet on their favourites. People of all ages can also play Spot the Football UK in their free time.

Hours of Fun

This puzzle game may be simple in theory but it can be quite complicated in practice. Players get to see snapshots of the action on the field with the ball taken out of the frame. The goal is to find where the ball should have been if it was left in the picture. The closer you are to the centre of the ball, the greater your chances of winning. This type of game has been immensely popular since the 1980s so there are thousands of archived images that you can look at, along with countless pictures in the modern era.

Test Your Football Smarts

Although you may think that these puzzles are easy to solve, the reality is that people often make mistakes as they make hasty judgements based on initial impressions. The best players take time to analyse each shot and evaluate all angles. You need to have a good knowledge of the game to have an uncanny intuition about the location of the ball. A keen eye for details and an understanding of basic physics can also go a long way. Things could get messy if there are several footballers going after the ball in a single frame.

Play with Friends

Trying to guess all by yourself can be a fun challenge but you might also benefit from the inputs of your other football-loving friends. Indeed, even those who don’t necessarily follow the game as religiously as you do might have some interesting things to say. You never really know. Part of the fun is finding out who among you have the closest guess of all. Discuss among yourselves and come up with a logical conclusion. Maybe one of you has actually seen the game where the picture was taken from and can remember what happened.

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