Nerdy onesies have become a fashion statement. From rappers to gothic fashion to Japanese anime fanatics, there are nerdy onesies for all occasions. Not too long ago, wearing this outfit among teenagers and adults alike was a strictly bedtime tradition.

How Nerdy Onesies Have Evolved

For the uninitiated, a onesie is an overall outfit worn by young adults and seniors. It is often made of cotton. In warm countries, it makes perfect sense to wear this composition. After all, cotton tends to absorb sweat or moisture.

In cold countries, however, onesies are by tradition made of thicker fabric. They come in all shapes and sizes. Nerdy onesies make an excellent gift for all occasions.

They can be stylish, oddly emblematic or downright unapologetic. Fueled mostly by rapper culture, the once bedroom-only fashion has moved to bars and of course, the streets. In fact, the more they make a statement, the more emboldened adherents of this fashion tend to be.

Inspired by Baby Clothing

Believe it or not, the first incarnation of the onesie was actually the diaper clothing. It was shaped as a T-shirt at the top that tapers off at the crotçh. It was originally designed to conceal the infant’s diapers.

Of course, this baby wear is still very much in fashion because of its utility value. It sure knows how to protect infants and makes a nursing mother’s job easier, too. In comparison, however, teenager or adult versions are a kind of jumpsuit or overalls.

They have legs so unlike the infant version. However, they are onesies just the same since they are all in one piece, and hence one-sie.

A Pajamas Upgrade

On a cold winter night or morning, onesies are definitely sought after. And whether it’s Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or Halloween, wearing colorful designs patterned after cartoon characters is in vogue. As the demand continues to swell, fashion retailers and clothing manufacturers can only be expected to come up with more mind-boggling designs.

The Hood Says It All

Hoodies may have played a big role in catapulting the now famous overalls to mainstream fashion. In designing hoods after the heads of cartoon characters as well as animals, the modern-day jumpsuits definitely make heads turn on the streets. Even haute couture has been inspired by an outfit that was once the exclusive domain of babies.

But just like other fashion offshoots, the one-piece wonders have added hood and pants to adapt to grown-up needs. Whether it is to make a hip-hop statement or for sheer weather comfort, they are definitely here to stay.

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