Employees sometimes dread the thought of team building activities, but after they participate, they may find these activities to be very helpful. If you will be planning activities to help employees work better together, explain team building in a positive way that will help employees feel that activities will be rewarding.

Employees Get to Know One Another Outside of the Work Setting

When you plan a retreat or other team building function, one of the goals is to give employees the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. For example, when employees attend a sporting event together, they will talk, laugh, cheer and engage in other interactions that may help them to be more comfortable with each other in the workplace.

Team building is an Opportunity for Employees to Share Special Talents

Activities that promote team building often require groups to choose leaders and members that will be responsible for specific tasks. During the activities team members may be surprised to learn that an extremely shy member may have some great ideas or suggestions. If the activity involves working on a project, there may be members of the group who have those special skills and those members can lead and guide their colleagues through the process.

Team building Efforts Give People a Voice

Well-designed team building strategies can give employees a voice. When there are problems in the workplace, those problems can affect productivity. Team building exercises that promote free expression in a non-threatening environment can be a way to solve problems that might be related to assumptions or individual perceptions. Giving team members opportunities to express issues or concerns without fear of retribution can build a stronger work environment. When employees get along with one another, productivity increases.

A Team Building Exercise Can Be a Celebration

Why not celebrate accomplishments as a way to build your team? If sales have been stellar, or if your department has received high marks from management, that is a great time to boost morale by planning something that the entire team can enjoy. Employees often do their jobs well but may not get the recognition they deserve. Planning a special event for employees where they are the stars is a great team building strategy. Praise and recognition can motivate people to work harder. Celebrating as a way to honor your team and build self-esteem.

These are only a few ideas to help you get your employees excited about work. Ask your employees or your team for their suggestions for team building activities.

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