With the advent of increased special effects needed in the film and photographer industry in today’s comic and sci-fi world, the Color Contact Lenses has been a major tool that helps many an actor or actress and models worldwide.

Many people think that the Color Contact Lenses (CCLs) is just another tool used to make the actor, actress or model look good, but because of the amount of detail involved in setting up a film or shoot involved it is more than just another tool.

CCLs has been used more and more in the industries as the characters been portrayed on film (movie or photography) have to be as accurate and precise in detail as per the original comic strip or character.

This exact replication of the character has been more and more at the forefront of character creation as the fans or moviegoers themselves are so unique in their chosen “heroes” that they expect the filmed character to be a replica in every little detail as the comic strip character.

One other big reason in the use of CCLs in the movie is that lots of movies are based on Anime characters and some of these characters are almost the same except for their eyes as well as some characters actually differ from each other in their sex by the color of their eyes, and therefore the use of CCLs is very important in portraying the correct character by the correct actor or actress.

In modeling it has also become important as the photography equipment themselves is of such high quality and technologically superior to previous equipment that any small details like the model’s eyes can make or break a product that is been advertised.

These lenses can be bought online or even direct from medical practitioners as per certain precautions are always considered when inserting these medical devices (yes it is considered medical devices as will be inserted into or on one of the body’s most important and delicate organ).

These lenses can also be used by the person on the street to enhance their look or style in fashion as many people are not always born with the eye color that they feel comfortable with.

Just as the actors and actresses MUST get it right for the fans of the characters they portray, so do these same fans demand the same exactness when they portray the same characters when they dress up for Comicon and or Cosplay conventions or parties.

The market has grown so huge it is on a level on it’s own.

So next time you see an actor, actress, model or even a Comicon enthusiast wearing these lenses, you will know why.

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