So, you want to change your eye color? Maybe you want to go from dark brown eyes to light blue. Maybe your eyes are hazel, and you’d like them to be deep emerald green or blue-gray. It’s possible with colored contacts. Here are a few reasons to buy color contact lens.

Enhance Your Eye Colors: If you have deep brown eyes, adding a pair of blue contacts will make your eye color pop and look amazing. On the other hand, if you have light hazel eyes, getting green contacts will change your appearance from basic to extraordinary.

Color Combinations: There are a bunch of cool color combinations that you can try, which include yet are not limited to: Brown/Gray, Hazel/Green, Gray/Brown. Try them all!

Changing Eye Colors: Got dark brown eyes? Trying on a pair of lime green contact lenses lightens up your eyes and adds something unique to your face. The best thing about colored contacts is that they work well for many eye colors, so everyone can do it!

Be Creative with Your Eye Colors: Experiment with your eye colors! It’s not just about changing the color of your eyes; it’s about having fun. Be creative with your colored contacts and have an amazing experience.

Enlarging Your Pupils: Colored contacts can enlarge your pupil size. If you want a more doll-like appearance, this can help. Many people find them attractive and appealing, so go ahead and try them!

So those are only some of the good reasons to buy contact lenses for eye colors that change your look. You should experiment with different color combinations as well as enlarging pupils if you’re interested in truly changing your appearance.

When buying a color contact lens, make sure you check the following first: the type of power, the base curve, and the diameter to make sure it fits.

Base Curve: Your contact lens will not fit if the base curve doesn’t match your eye’s curvature. Don’t take any chances with an incorrect base curve; go with one that works for you!

Diameter: You can find colored contacts in 5 millimeters (mm) up to 8 mm based on your needs and specifications of what may look best on you. If you want them larger, go with 8 mm; if you want them smaller, 5mm.

Power: Most types of contacts look better when they are -0.00 ~ -5.00 and +2.00 ~ +4.00, but it all depends on what works best for your eyes and the area of specialty (OD or OS) that you need to be altered accordingly to make your eye color stand out more and give it a beautiful appearance!

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