Babies have delicate and sensitive skin, so you must use only soft fabrics that will not irritate or hurt their skin. Baby washcloths are usually similar to regular washcloths, except that they are thicker and softer than the regular ones. Washcloths, when used during baby’s bath time, not only help keep your baby comfortable but also make the task of baby bathing easier for you. Beyond the tub, washcloths can also be used as baby wipes, breastfeeding pads or for cleaning baby’s bottom. So, if you are looking to buy the best washcloths for babies, opt for bamboo washcloths. To know why these organic bamboo baby washcloths are good for your baby, read the guide below.

1: Super soft Baby Washcloths

Bamboo fibers are naturally smoother and rounder and do not have any sharp spurs to irritate the baby’s delicate skin. When these smooth tiny fibers are woven into cloth, the result is a luxuriously soft fabric. Using soft washcloths is safe for your baby’s skin as it does not get scratched or irritated when washing or drying. Similarly, when used to clean the baby’s bottom, these soft organic baby washcloths help prevent nappy rash and also help you clean a sore bottom without hurting your baby.

2: Organic, All natural and Hypoallergenic Baby Washcloths

Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and anti-fungal. There are no chemicals or dyes used in the manufacturing of bamboo washcloths, making them complete a safe choice for your baby. These organic baby washcloths are antibacterial and hypoallergenic and are a perfect choice for babies who are suffering from acne or eczema or have dry or sensitive skin.

3: Highly Absorbent Baby Washcloths

Bamboo washcloths are highly water absorbent. They have excellent moisture-wicking abilities, making them a great fabric for nappies. Bamboo washcloths, when used as nappies, allows babies with bed-wetting issues to have a better and longer night sleep without feeling uncomfortable with a soggy nappy. Using washcloths that are highly absorbable not only helps wipe out the mess created by your child easily but also allows you to dry your baby’s skin quickly to avoid red skin or rashes.

Bamboo washcloths are eco – friendly, durable and tend to get softer after each wash. They are lightweight and can be easily carried in your diaper bag or have some in your car to be used whenever the need arises. Organic bamboo baby washcloths are definitely worth the investment if you want to keep your baby’s skin clean, healthy and happy.

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