Why would a company take the time to invest in training its sales reps? What are they getting out of it? How much will it cost them to train their staff? These are common questions that managers and small business owners ask themselves when deciding whether or not to start an advanced sales training program. On the surface, turning down these requests for advancement or additional training doesn’t seem to cause any significant problems. Still, one must consider how this may be affecting the overall performance of their company. A lack of advanced sales training can lead to several issues with your employees, which could further hurt your bottom line.

The first issue with failing to provide advanced sales training is related to your current workforce. Companies often look at their employees and feel that they are well suited to their jobs. They know how much work is involved, what skills are needed. However, these same “qualified” employees may not be aware of the additional products or services that may help facilitate transactions with new customers. The best way to ensure your reps are selling products/services that could increase your business’s revenue is by providing advanced sales training sessions early on to familiarize them with all possible options.

Another issue related to the lack of advanced sales training for employees is that it can lead them down a certain path, which could hurt company morale. Like any other profession where staff continuously receive feedback, feedback within the sales department will also affect employee morale. This negative circle begins when managers go off of their gut feeling rather than real data when they decide on training or advancement. They will react to the lack of success without taking the time to analyze why it may be happening; this could lead them to make incorrect assumptions about their employees, affecting staff morale.

Once managers realize that some staff members are more qualified for certain sales opportunities, they may feel that they’re not doing what is best for the company by keeping these “better staff” in lower-level positions. When sales reps fail to receive advanced sales training, it means management does not have higher potential recruits ready to move up when an employee decides to quit or retire. This causes high turnover rates and low morale among good workers who think they are being punished for not being promoted.

Lastly, a lack of advanced sales training can harm company culture as a whole. It causes managers to become discouraged from pushing their staff since they feel that nobody is willing to learn. Instead of discovering the problem, it’s easier for managers to remove themselves from the situation and consider employees unintelligent. This leads to a department full of people who resent one another because everyone feels they are doing more work than those around them; there is no teamwork within the ranks which means your company is losing money due to high turnover rates and low morale. There could also be an issue with communication if employees aren’t receiving sufficient feedback regarding their performance.

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