Buying a used heavy duty trucks is a purchasing process that requires absolute dedication and careful evaluation that involves taking into consideration a series of factors and technical, functional, aesthetic and economic characteristics that should not be underestimated.

Surely buying a new truck would be the best as you could really buy the much desired truck. However, the purchase of a new truck requires the disbursement of economic resources that could certainly exceed the budget that we have set ourselves or that we have available. In case of budget limitation and lack of availability of economic means it is good to proceed with the purchase of used heavy duty trucks.

To choose the right truck used you need to consider these factors and find as much information as possible on the means of transport that you intend to buy.

Make a profile and an identikit of the used truck that best suits your professional needs: 5/6 years at most seniority of the vehicle; used yes, but not too much; 400,000 km maximum; ad hoc coupons; reviewed by industry specialists and refurbished.

These are the characteristics of the truck that you should find on the market of used and perfect offers for every trucking company.

Here are the right answers to your doubts: What do you need a used truck for? What is the real use of the vehicle? Everything depends on the loads, their weights and volumes, the necessary horses and the type of semi-trailer to be towed.

Where should you talk? From small retailers or large brokers specialized in sales to companies and business customers? It all depends on the legal form of your company (if you have a trucking company) or, if you are an individual firm or individual entrepreneur, then you can also entrust the small dealer. Another interesting channel to find used trucks is that of big auctions.

What maximum age should the used truck have? The maximum age, if you want to buy a good used truck must be around 3 to 6 years of life, with a mileage between 300,000 and 500,000 km. How to make a checklist on the perfect used? The vehicle must be certified or revised by a manufacturer with a list of the elements and factors that have been checked (kinematic chain, cab analysis, engine, etc.). The assistance of a trusted mechanic helps and facilitates a safer used truck purchase process.

Perform a road test? Of course, it is always a good idea to try the truck on the road and understand how the gearbox and the brakes work and, above all, how the engine works.

Affordability? If the engine and the truck convinces you after the road test, then we proceed to the economic evaluation and a comparison of the prices reported on the Internet or in specialized magazines.

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