What is the best material to use for outdoor restaurant furniture? Wood – Wood is a prevalent option of raw material for outdoor dining furniture. In particular, teak is the most desired material because of its exquisite natural appearance and desirable characteristics. Teak is naturally resistant to rot, warping, shrinkage, and cracking. Plus, it comes in a stunning variety of stains, finishes, colors, and grains. Of course, another durable option is metal. You cannot go wrong with metal as you can find good and durable outdoor metal furniture from any store near you.

Design and Constructions

But wood and metal are not the only two materials commonly used for outdoor restaurant furniture. Many other options can provide the best value for your money. When choosing what type of furniture to use, you should consider the materials available and the design, quality, construction, accessories, and maintenance requirements. The following discussion provides some general information about each of the common types of materials used for restaurant furniture.

Aluminum Commercial outdoor furniture

Aluminum is lightweight and can be made to last for many years, primarily if adequately maintained. But there are some risks to using aluminum furniture, particularly concerning the seasoning and cleaning process. Aluminum furniture can also corrode and dent, which can significantly impact your commercial outdoor furniture’s beauty.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron commercial outdoor furniture is beautiful and durable. Unfortunately, the wear and tear associated with this material can significantly affect the value of your commercial outdoor furniture set. This type of material cannot be painted or polished and must be properly protected with a powder-coat finish. If you want to use cast iron patio furniture on outdoor patios, you should ensure that it is adequately protected not to become weathered and faded. You can prevent this from happening by treating your commercial outdoor furniture pieces with specially designed sunscreen.

Wicker Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Wicker patio seating is ideal for residential patio areas. It is highly resistant to sun and water damage, and it will keep its beauty for many years. However, wicker furniture tends to fade and become weathered quickly if not properly maintained. When you choose wicker for your outdoor restaurant furniture, you should avoid placing heavy coats of polish or paint onto it. Instead, you should expose your wicker patio sets to the elements, which will cause them to weather more quickly.

If you know what style and type of furniture you are interested in purchasing and the space in which you are planning to place it, you will be in a better position to choose the right items.

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