So you’ve finally gathered courage and signed up yourself for a pole dancing class. What a bold move! Despite being super excited to suspend your body weight in the air on pieces of fabric, there’s a part of you that can’t help but be anxious about it. Will you fall? Does it really seem as easy as it looks on TV? Will you break your back if you do fall?

If you fit the description, here are a few things to expect on your first visit to a pole studio in Sydney. Hopefully, arming yourself with this information will put things at ease to a considerable level.

You’ll see that everyone has the same struggles

In pole dancing, no one is born an instant circus. It takes plenty of time to master the basics, leave alone to become a pro at it. Go easy on yourself. It will be a while before you become a natural monkey; climbing from ceiling to the next wall with busts of confidence.

Expect to do the impossible

Even if you’ve done pole dancing in the past, nothing lets you do the impossible quite like pole dancing lessons. One minute you’ll be dangling, hanging, twisting, and grimacing into unimaginable positions and the next you’ll be making funny shapes with your body at queer angles and wrapping yourself in locks in a strange way. Expect to be blown away with the moves you are making.

You’ll have a new understanding of teamwork

On your first pole dancing class, your instructor will pair you with someone else. Sometimes the groups are in threes. You’ll be expected to learn new moves as a team, a term referred to as spotting in pole dancing. It is actually a safe way of picking up new moves. A spotter is responsible for helping a flyer into a move without the risk of them falling on the hard floor.

You might get sore and achy hands

During your first few pole studio in Sydney, you’ll probably run into sore hands — it just comes with the territory. There’s very little you can do about this honestly. Your hands bear your entire weight probably for the first time ever and the hoop will certainly rub against your palms causing a burning sensation that can lead to a few blisters. Thankfully, a few weeks later, your body will have adapted and this will be history.

Pole dancing might throw you out of balance for some time but once you get the hang on it, you won’t want to stop. That’s a solid promise!

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