Brain games have always been popular but panic rooms take them to another level. You’re not just solving puzzles on a phone screen or solving riddles on your own. You will be in an enclosed space with its own theme, storyline, mystery, suspense, challenge, atmosphere, and design. In other words, it will be an experience that hits nearly all of your senses. You can even choose among various themes so that there is always something new to look forward to. If you live in the area, then be sure to check out the various Panic Room London locations. You can look forward to the following when you play:

Great Fun for Everyone

Most panic rooms are meant to by tackled by teams. So bring your friends, your family, your co-workers, or your date. Call the establishment or check the website to find out how many persons are needed to complete a team. Some places will try to fill up all the slots by mixing various small groups together. Others will book each room privately per group. Of course, more participants mean the cost can be spread out so that each will pay less. However, there are people who are willing to pay for a more private experience. There are also age restrictions in some rooms due to the sensitivity of certain themes.

A Safe Space to Solve Mysteries

The terms “Panic Room London” and “escape room” can scare some people. While some might get more excited because of the fear factor, others might excuse themselves from participation. There really is no reason to be afraid since these are safe places to solve mysteries. These are only made up stories with no real danger. In fact, the door will always be open for people to come out if they wish to or need to. However, it would be great if they can finish all of the puzzle or wait for the time to run out before they do.

A Challenge to Test Your Limits

Book your slot in advance because these can get filled up pretty quickly. Come early on the date because your group will need to attend a 10 to 15 minute briefing before you enter the room. You will only be given an hour or so to complete the puzzles, solve the mystery, and find the means to “escape”. Make the most of the time by going through the challenges with a sense of urgency. They will surely push you to your limits. After that, you will have a debriefing to talk about your experience, get your feedback, and answer your questions.

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