I have come across many of these Multi Picture Frames in many homes even in shops and retail stores and always wondered why would anyone use them.

Until I sat down and looked at my collection of photo’s and made the connection between the uses of these Multi Picture Frames (MPF’s), did I understand the usefulness in these?

Firstly, what they are made of as a design tool:

You get silver (imitation or real)
Stainless steel (polished)
Polished or Stained wood for that clean look
Vintage look wood (fortunately I know how make this effect without having to break my wallet)

To mention a few.

The designs:

You oval-shaped with picture wallets where the clock numbers must be and little labels or spaces where you write down anything-(perfect for timeline photos)
Squares divided into 2, 4 or 6 photo wallets (perfect for you kids compilations at same age’s timelines)
Rectangular with 3 to 6 photo wallets in a straight line up to down or left to right (perfect for a series of photos taken at the same time but either with different poses or clothes)

Then I set about printing a series of my favorite photos and went MPF shopping.

Did I get shocked when I saw the variety of MPF’s out there, but luckily, I knew what I wanted and only bought what I planned to do?

So off home to cut paste write place.

You will spend quite a long time on this part of the process as it’s not just a matter of putting the right combination of photos together, in the right frame but also the right combination of photos, frames and where in your home it will go!

So after much soul searching, trying to find just that right combination of what frame goes with which photos to go where in the house (this is tiring or can be if not in the right frame of mind).

Finally done, and walking around the house you will get that sense of awe if you placed everything where it belongs as I did.

Not one will feel out of place nor allow you to walk past it without taking you back into time when looking at them in those frames.

So if you see how it changed one home by just choosing the right combination of photos, frames and location in your home it can make a huge difference in not only your family in the home but also when showing off your home to visitors.

So get out and get yours today.

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