The really rich people do not go online like everyday consumers to book their vacations, compare flight rates, sort amongst airlines, etc. Also, they do not scour the Internet for accommodation options and deals. They are not part of any bid for trips or trip alert sites to be quickly notified of the best options available. A different type of service awaits the super-rich, called luxury concierge services.

These services cater to all and every requirement of their clients – regardless of how big, complicated, or expensive the requests put forward are. From private jets and airfare to superyachts and luxury villa rentals, and also off-market luxury hotel suites catering only to the high-rollers, these service providers can provide the high-in-demand backstage pass to the filthy rich.

These concierge services aren’t just dedicated to travel and accommodation. Pretty much all of the luxury concierge service providers across the globe not just assist with travel bookings, but also help their clients manage and maintain their celebrity-esque lifestyles. They simultaneously offer digital personal assistance for ease of comfort, accessibility, and convenience.

Almost all rich people in the world have multiple houses. They may have bought those properties for investment reasons or to serve as their nesting space when they happen to frequent the particular city or region. When they are away from their properties, they would certainly need help managing those houses. A concierge service can offer property management services too.

Concierge services would help their soon-to-be-married clients book a pop sensation for their Mediterranean wedding; remember the birthday of their client’s employee and send a customized gift on behalf of their client; etc. Concierge service clients need not make a phone call to the service. They just have to send a request message, detailing what their requirements are, and the job would be done in a short period thereafter.

Such attention to detail and virtual services have become possible due to technology proliferation and the extensive business and personal networks devised by concierges who are always in the know. The price of such concierge services is not cheap, which is not surprising. However, the actual price you end up paying would depend on the kind of services or attention to detail you’re seeking. The annual fees for the membership alone would be in the five figures.

If you’d like to get more customized and even more royal services, you can always get talking with the service provider to create a bespoke membership plan. If you have the money to shell out, the sky is the limit!

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