Weaned Child refers to the baby who is weaning. When the child is born, no relationship is as strong as there is between the baby and the mother. One of the main aspects of the bonding is also the nourishment that the baby gets from the mother. This feeding comes in the form of breastfeeding.

A healthy baby relies on her mother’s milk for all his nutritional requirements. Breastfeeding also comes with high recommendations from the doctors who urge mothers to favor breastfeeding over bottle milk as breast milk makes the baby stronger, and it is a complete meal for the baby. There’s a misconception that as the child grows, the mother’s milk does not give the same benefits. In reality, it is the opposite, as it is even better to provide the child with the mother’s milk as the baby grows. A weaned child will ultimately move from mother’s feed to other forms of food.

Weaned Child – Moving on with Feeding Option

Weaning refers to the process with the baby first starting to move from the mother’s milk to other foods. It could be anything from mashed fruits, fruit juices, baby cereals, and other things. When the child weaned is not something you could predict. Some babies find it easier to wean when they are a year and a half old; for some babies, it is challenging to wean even when they are three years of age.

Some babies resist detachment from their mother’s breasts to any other form of feeding. These are the times when the mother has to be with their child all the way. She should be there supporting and aiding the babies to taste and try different things. In some cases, it is not easy because the baby does not accept any other feed other than her mother’s milk.

Having a Realistic Expectation of the Weaning Phase

It is also ideal to have a realistic expectation with the weaned child. Once the mother stops breastfeeding, a baby will not grow any faster and will ask for even more attention. Some of the mothers feel tied down during the weaning phase. Nursing is one of the ways a mother can calm the baby, and the weaned child has moved on from that and is looking for other means for the mother to comfort him. Mothers should not let themselves be overwhelmed by this and gradually adapt to these changes.

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