Picture frames are used for many reasons. To display photos, paintings, or artwork, to hold up cards with messages on them, to give away gifts when they can’t be wrapped. However, there are more benefits to picture frames than most people realize! Not only do they keep pictures safe in their place of honor, but they also protect the wall or surface that the picture is hung on from damage due to nail holes and other unsightly marks left behind by less thoughtfully placed hooks.

On top of keeping your walls looking fresh, frames have several other advantages as well. When you carefully choose a color that best suits the room’s décor, it will not only improve the appearance of the wall, but it will also draw attention to the picture within. The trick is to give a bit of thought to what colors will emphasize the most important aspects of your photo, painting, or artwork.

As with most home décor choices, frames have evolved since their invention way back in the time when our loved ones were still alive, and we had to hold on to something they touched so that we could remember them by it even after they passed on. In those days, people always chose black for printing photographs because it made the finest details stand out quite nicely against its dark backdrop. But now, you have many more choices depending on what type of photograph, painting, or artwork you wish to display!

Let’s say your daughter painted an amazing oil portrait of her beloved pet bulldog while in college. Why not place it in a frame made from gold? Now your daughter will have her work displayed to its fullest, but the gold color also has a nice ring. The overall effect is that of a truly magnificent piece of artwork, and this way, it’s not just a photograph anymore because now the painting stands out against the rest of the room.

Of course, there are pictures that call for black or another solid dark color, such as those taken at night during carnivals or fireworks shows, where if you didn’t go with something darker than what would originally be visible many important details would get lost! But fortunately, we live in an age where people can afford both types; solid colored frames meant for prints and photographs and all kinds of patterned designs that can be found everywhere, including affordable wall art.

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