Wall Mounted Workstations for Healthcare, also known as COWS (Computer Workstations), these workstations are the ultimate in active work stations for both nursing and doctors alike.

It gives the staff immediate access to any of the many patients’ medical information and files but also all outside or auxiliary information relating to that specific patient.

You get two types of COWS of which we only discussing one:

  • 1: THE MOVE-ABLE COW: these are Wall Mounted Workstations for Healthcare found in the wards and doctors and nurses can push it from bed to bed and information can be retrieved or added there and then.

This one, which we are concentrating on, is mounted at different access points for easy access by nursing and doctors at any time and is connect ” via RED PLUGS ( electricity is supplied even when power outages occur via generators, with only a split-second or two in switch-over time and the computer does not even switch off) AND LAN LINE ( no wireless or wifi connections or as little as possible as trauma’s and ER rooms have lots of equipment which might interrupt signals )” to ensure uninterrupted access constantly and is usually used in the trauma and emergency rooms. and is also connected via this LAN line to all auxiliary services like pathology and radiology for immediate access if the doctor needs the results, especially for life and death situations.

The only downside to these amazing and specifically designed COWS is they are only as good as:

  • 1: SPEED AND ACCURACY AT WHICH INFORMATION IS LOADED: Many a hospital has run into trouble when the persons loading this information are either untrained or just not expert enough to operate the systems.
  • 2: THE PERSONS LOADING OR SENDING THE INFORMATION DIRECTLY OR FROM AUXILIARY SERVICES: Just like the hospital, the auxiliary services can cause problems if they also don’t have the proper trained and motivated employees to load the information properly and timeously.
  • 3: ACCESS VIA INTERNET/INTRANET ONLY AS GOOD AS THE SERVICE PROVIDER AND SERVERS: The service provider of the internet as well the intranet servers should be of the best quality and options to deliver every second of information on time constantly.

But once all of the above is running at 110 % there is nothing that can go wrong and creates an environment that is a pleasure for medical staff to work in at their most proficient as per their expertise and knowledge that patient getting the best care possible because of the patients’ direct access of information via these COWS.

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