Exercise and work can mix. It may seem like an odd pairing but many have been enjoying this combination and its benefits for a while now. Of course, you won’t do any vigorous activities as that will tire you out. You will only need to do light exercises like walking and cycling on a stationary machine. These would be enough to stimulate your brain and make you more productive. You will have increased alertness and creativity. You will even burn more calories throughout the day than simply sitting in a chair. If you are planning to get a walking treadmill desk for working, then consider the following:

Quiet Operation

It’s hard to work in an environment with a lot of distractions. Noise is one of the biggest enemies of people who are working at home. You can soundproof the home office to block external noise but you will have to live with what you generate within the space. Find a treadmill with a quiet engine and a dampened platform. This should make them as quiet as a whisper. At the very least, there won’t be much squeaking and grumbling from the machine. You can focus on your tasks. You will never have to hesitate about turning the treadmill on.

Wide Work Area

The ideal treadmill desk has a wide area that you can use to keep all of the things you need while working. For many, these would be a laptop, a smartphone, a dedicated mouse, a water bottle, and a towel. You might need more depending on your line of work. Some require a calculator, a tablet, a drawing pad, a notebook, and so on. Check the various options and note their desk dimensions. Lay out your work stuff on a surface to see how much space they require.

Safety Rails

When you’re working on the walking treadmill desk, you want to make sure that you’re safe. Some might get too engrossed when reading the email or making a report that you fail to notice that you are going a little too close to the sides or to the back. You might end up falling from the treadmill before you realize what’s happening. Having safety features like side rails and automatic stop mechanisms is important. If you notice skidding or an uneven belt, then apply silicone gel to ensure smooth movement and prevent it from sticking to the sides.

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