If you are sick and tired of having to run around looking for money for your volleyball team when it comes to times of sports equipment as the team’s coach.

If you as a supporter is also sick and tired seeing your favorite volleyball team having to have parent lift clubs run them from away game to away game with all their togs and equipment.

Are you a community member or ex-team alumni of the local volleyball team but hate seeing no team spirit when walking down the street or through your local shopping mall parking lot?

Well, here is an idea, Volleyball Car Decals.

These decals are cheap to make and most suppliers or manufacturers offer specials as in the more you make the less you pay especially if for the community teams and businesses.

So approach your team, whether school or club and pet permission and or help to start designing your decals and start selling them at games, schools even fairs.

Even if you have a start-up cash problem, that can be sorted out.

Most mom and pop shops in your local community supports the teams anyway but cannot afford the high costs of advertising their business in the corporate world of today and by you offering them space on your team’s decal is a perfect way to have a win-win situation for both the team and the mom and pop shop.

This win-win might even stretch as far as, if the business of the decal shoots off like a rocket as expected, where your mom and pop shop can start sponsoring further items or help raise other funds quicker to get what is needed for the team.


first and foremost get permission, which should not be a problem as you are helping them, from the team or school get hold of a computer and design the decal with all the information you have gathered (team logo or badge, mom and pop shop name or logo, etc,) and seeing that there are so many different free programs available to design these decals which even a kid can use, you have all the family’s minds or even the class if you are a teacher to create the perfect decal

now it’s off to your manufacturer to have it made and start selling and selling and watch the business of Volleyball Car Decals grow.

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