In a world dominated by glass, stone and shiny polished surfaces, the sight of accessories or décor that bring the magic of wood to life can be highly appealing. Wood lends a touch of natural and rustic charm in otherwise sterile, artificial spaces that few materials can rival. Most homeowners and designers acknowledge the fact that even the most contemporary of spaces benefit from wood finishes, and nowhere does wood lend itself more naturally that in the bedroom.

Wood is often used to create luxurious, elegant styles for some of the most iconic headboard designs. Here are some cool ideas for your timber beadheads:

1. Go cozy and rustic

The last few years has seen a shift from contemporary bedrooms to those that exude a more relaxed ambiance. One popular style that belongs to this category is the classic winter cabin look that designers mimic to bring into effect the woodsy charm of a breezy mountain retreat. A rustic timber bedhead can be crafted using pieces of driftwood or reclaimed wood depending on your taste. Some homeowners even turn to old barn doors and dried tree branches to get the job done.

2. A touch of modernity

Creative timber bedheads are not confined to traditional and rustic bedrooms alone—they make an even bigger impact when used in modern rooms ranging from minimal to contemporary. In this case, the design of the materials used needs to be altered to match the more refined look. Simple, beautifully framed wooden panels or raw, unpolished wooden blocks bearing distinctive patterns are ideal candidates.

Remember to keep the backdrop as neutral as possible and the décor unassuming. If you choose to use an accent color in the room or a unique texture that brings out a unique texture, it’s best to repeat it in more than one place so as to give the room a more symmetrical and graceful look. You can opt for floor-to-ceiling headboards to create an imposing backdrop for an elegant and rustic bedroom.

3. Work with diverse styles

Whether you go for custom-crafted timber bedheads or something that turns antique wooden door into a stunning headboard, always make sure that your choice fits in seamlessly with the theme of the bedroom.

Besides giving your bed support and protecting your wall against abrasion, a headboard can also give your bedroom a unique and very personal touch. Yes. When properly done, a creative and unique wooden headboard can be a great accessory to any bedroom. Wood tends to blend well with pretty much any theme you might have going.

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