Nowadays, corporate events have the urgency to find new formats, which give greater emphasis to experiential and emotional aspects, rather than to mere self-referentiality and institutional settings. As you have already pointed out, size does not matter. If you talk about events you can range between: simple meetings (online or offline, meetings, conference calls, meetings); conventions and congresses; launches of new products or services organized according to the Work Management Software.

To set up a successful event, therefore, it is necessary to set it unambiguously on the target to which it refers, because it is no longer enough to think of a single context and expect to pull all levels into it. As in the case of Content Marketing, each product content must be surgically aimed at a specific target of users, in the same way every event you design must meet the precise needs of the public that you are going to intercept from time to time.

It is not essential that specific events are created. In the same context, for example a fair, moments dedicated to traditional press and activities with bloggers can coexist. You can design activities for the public (product tests, courses and lessons, games) and others reserved for more restricted categories of influencers or trend setters, which give them visibility and allow them to feel part of corporate life and its initiatives, including Work Management Software.

If you refer to bloggers, moreover, it is appropriate to consider that they do not belong to a single indistinct category, as journalists have been considered until now. Each blogger has its own specific area of expertise, from food to fashion, from lifestyle to beauty, to travel or even to parenthood (blogger mothers are constantly growing).

For this kind of users, who with their articles are able to create a great following, as well as an interesting amount of interaction and valuable opinions, it is necessary to study events that can be told in an appealing way, not the boring and self-referential conferences Press.

If you want to get concrete results from a blogger, you need to make it play with the products, entertain them, let them have experiences that they can turn to its live audience, without too many filters or posts. If your company builds cars, for example, bringing different categories of bloggers on the track, making a new car live according to their inspiration and their needs can be a winning choice.

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