A number of sites offer the option to create an online Christmas list. This list is created from the products available on the site that are of interest to the person creating the list. The general idea is to create some sort of reference that allows friends and family to see what interests the person has and to plan gift-giving around those interests. This can make the experience much more fulfilling as well as prevent a person from receiving gifts that may be either inappropriate or cause potential problems, such as for those with allergies or other sensitivities. Thus a list has a number of advantages.

From the customer’s perspective this means that he can easily give that list to friends and family so that they have an idea what sort of presents to give the person. Because a person’s wish list can sometimes be unknown even to the most intimate of family, having such a list available can make things a lot simpler. It can also allow for a number of sensitivities and allergies, as well as avoiding gifts that could be seen as inappropriate. This makes such a list highly practical for those who have a number of medical issues as well as strict religious beliefs, thus helping to eliminate possible misunderstandings and making the holiday smoother.

The list can also help things run smoother from the company side. From the company’s perspective this allows them to better plan based on which products are popular, even if the list is not really used. Even if the list is on an auction site, this can also be used to create advertising tailored specifically to the person in question, thus personalizing the individual experience. It also helps to adjust their catalogs, eliminating items that are of limited interest or to help expand the catalog in areas that customers show a lot of interest in.

Used correctly an online Christmas list can make life easier for everyone. It is just a matter of populating the list with all of the right items, be they clothes, foods, or other items, and then making sure that they are added to the list. Of course, dispersing the list can be fun in and of itself, especially if those receiving the list are not limited to just one area. You just need to create the list, check it over twice, and then send it out; it is just a matter of then waiting for Christmas and the gifts to show up.

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