Now that the holidays are just around the corner, everyone is scrambling to buy gifts for their loved ones and remembering how hard it can be. The options get limited year after year as you feel that you have already given most types of presents. Sure, there are things that might be nice but they are likely to be out of your reach. There are simply too many people in your life so stretching your meagre budget is a priority. With a little bit of creativity, it is possible to produce a wonderful gift that is tailored to each of the recipients without breaking the bank. An example is to use a custom word art generator for shirt designs.

Pick a Shape

It is incredibly easy to do yet the results can be incredibly beautiful and interesting. Most of the process will be automated so you only need to provide minimal inputs. Find a word generator with an intuitive control layout, plenty of options, and good reviews. Start by picking a shape that you want to appear on the finished product. The best ones to use are vector graphics that have simple shapes and highly defined edges. There are libraries that contain great samples with themes like animals, nature, special occasions, basic shapes, and so on. You may also upload your own preferred shape to serve as the outline of your custom art.

Choose Your Words

Now that you have the outline sorted out, it is time to populate it with words that are relevant to you and the intended recipient. You could write down anything on the list including their names, hobbies, quotes, descriptions, catchphrases, and so on. It is possible to assign priority levels such that certain words appear more prominently than others. The number of times that they get repeated within the design can also be set. For instance, you might want their name to appear just one time in the middle with a colour that is different from the rest of the much smaller words.

Tweak to Perfection

Your initial attempts may not be as polished as you hoped but that is alright. These tools allow unlimited editing so you can tweak the design as much as you need until you have an image that you can be proud to print and display. Try out different shapes and word combinations. Perhaps sticking to single words is better for some designs while longer phrases are better in others. Mix and match colours until they appear just right. Consult the colour wheel if you want to use the best pairs possible.

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