You can find hydrogen peroxide in dozens of products, but it is most effective when used straight. It’s naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, so it works great to cleanse wounds, fight odors and kill mold. Here are some creative ways you can use the versatile liquid to make your life better:

  1. Soak your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide overnight to remove plaque and disinfect the bristles.
  2. Use a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide to cleanse cuts, scrapes, and scars — it will speed healing time and reduce scarring.
  3. A half-and-half mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water will clean your kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces, killing germs on contact.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide also works as a homemade window cleaner — just dilute it 50/50 with water, then spray onto windows and wipe with a paper towel or newspaper for streak-free results!
  5. Mix hydrogen peroxide half-and-half with liquid dishwashing soap and rub it all over your shower curtain to dissolve any mold spores. Rinse with clean water and hang the curtain outside in the sun to dry — no need for harsh chemicals!
  6. Combine hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in a spray bottle and use them to eliminate odors and mildew in your refrigerator.
  7. For a thorough, all-natural cleaning of your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and liquid soap to create an incredibly potent disinfectant.
  8. Hydrogen peroxide can also help you remove coffee or tea stains from your ceramic coffee mugs — just scrub the insides with a mixture of half hydrogen peroxide and half water.
  9. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to remove rust from metal surfaces, so soak a cotton ball in the liquid, then use it to wipe down any rusty hardware on your doors or windows.
  10. Hydrogen peroxide makes an excellent fruit and vegetable wash before you eat them — just add 1 cup of the liquid to 4 cups water and soak produce for five minutes, then rinse with clear water.
  11. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a natural remedy for stinky feet — just pour one cup of the liquid into your socks or shoes before wearing them to eliminate unpleasant odors!
  12. Hydrogen peroxide cleaner can also be used to remove carpet stains — just add it to water and blot the affected area.
  13. Hydrogen peroxide cleaner is an excellent cleaner for your pets’ ears, so use a cotton ball soaked in the liquid to wipe away wax and dirt after a pet’s bath.
  14. Hydrogen peroxide can also help reduce under
    arm stains and odors — just pour a little into your hands and scrub the affected area before washing it.
  15. Hydrogen peroxide can help you get rid of lice naturally, too; just combine two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part water to create a potent rinse that will kill head lice on contact.

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