B2B businesses generally love LinkedIn and it’s understandable. Research shows that the platform drives roughly 80% of social leads. So, it’s probably the most important social platform for B2B marketing. If you are selling specific products or services to other businesses, then you need to focus your marketing effort on LinkedIn. It’s estimated that the platform enjoys more than 400 million users. So, you have the motivation to reach out to a huge number. Lead generation through LinkedIn is never easy but with the right strategies, it’s achievable. To get you started, here are 5 basic steps to follow to run a successful LinkedIn Campaign:


Optimization is all about creating a page that meets the needs of your potential clients. Simply put, your page should be easily found when people look for content that is similar to yours. You have to do it with SEO in mind. For example, you should use the right keywords on your page. Most importantly, include the right set of skills on your profile.


LinkedIn is a networking platform. So, it’s critical that you connect to as many people as possible if you are looking to get more leads. You can do it by joining a group. It’s very simple; you just need to search for it using the search function. Once you find and join a specific group, you can easily connect with different people by contributing or interacting with their posts.


It’s important that you create a list of your potential leads. You need to consider the connections that you managed to get in step 2. With LinkedIn, organizing your list is easy. You just need to use the integrated search function to locate the best deals.


When you are in a LinkedIn group, it’s likely that people will want to know more about your brand. You have to engage them. That’s how you build effective business networks that eventually end as leads. Don’t forget to interact with their posts as well.


Lastly, you may have to reward your connects if you are targeting successful lead generation through LinkedIn. That’s how you create strong connections with your audience. A simple thing like saying thank you will go a long way in helping you generate leads.


LinkedIn is a gold mine that is awaiting exploitation. However, like any other lead generation tool out there, successful LinkedIn campaigns takes smart strategies. You should do things the right way. This means following the right steps as you watch out to measure the results.

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