It can be exciting to receive a job offer but it is not always the best decision to go with the terms and conditions offered by the employer. Sometimes it is better to negotiate a different salary or terms. It requires the job applicant to make a counter offer. Determine the best terms that will protect your interests in the new job. The employer counter offer will have new terms Of employment. These terms should be acceptable not only to you but the employer as well.

Understanding the Counter Offer

When a job applicant makes an offer to change the employment terms being offered by the prospective employer, it is called a counter offer. Sometimes job applicants feel the salary is not commensurate with their skills, qualifications, certifications and experience. It may be less than the current industry norm. The issue may not be with the salary but employment terms. In all such circumstances, the candidate makes a verbal or written counter offer. The candidate thanks the employer for job offer but requests some changes in it. It is important to provide the reasons for trying to change the terms. It is for the employer to accept or reject the new terms requested by the job applicant.

How Do You Determine the Right Salary?

Study the current salary being offered to professionals like you. There are various online sources to check this information. At the same time, what you see online is only an average salary. You may have more or less skills and experience. Check the year of the salary data. The salary may have changed in the last few months for the post you are applying. This research will help you decide your true worth. Take into account not only the main salary but other benefits as well.

Take Time to Finalize Your Decision

Do not rush to reply without checking all this information. Take time to learn more about the salary, benefits and terms being offered to professionals like you in your industry. Keep in mind that a job offer has a deadline so reply before this time limit. Thank the employer for considering you and provide the details of the counter offer. Support your offer with reasons and data.

This process does not end with sending of your offer. Wait for the employer counter offer or any other response. The employer may reject the offer or try to negotiate a different set of terms. In case of latter, you can negotiate and choose the terms that best protect your interests and give you the value you deserve.

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