Turnkey means a product or a service that is available for immediate use for the customer. In the case of Turnkey PCB assembly services, it means that the company handles all tasks related to the PCB project. The tasks or stages of the project are the procurement of components and parts, sourcing, and manufacturing of the printed circuit board. Turnkey PCB assembly is efficient and cost-effective for the business. Turnkey PCB manufacturing companies are capable of a wide variety of tasks required for PCB manufacturing. A complete turnkey process is ideal for having the freedom and focus on designing and developing PCBs.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Methodologies

Turnkey PCB manufacturers go through the manufacturing processes all by themselves. In the full process, there are stages like sourcing, procurement, design, manufacturing, quality testing, packing, shipping, after-sales service, etc. Employees responsible for purchase and supply arrange all components and parts for production and testing of the PCBs. There’s a design or R&D team for the designing and developing of the PCBs. QC team prepares the specific quality standards of the products and manufacturing process. When all the components are available, the production team does the manufacturing. They assemble the parts and solder the electronic components on the boards.

For assembling, companies use automatic assembling machines. After that, the QC team does the required quality tests. Then responsible employees pack and ship the products.

Advantages of Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB assembly provides various advantages. The process ensures easy management. Turnkey PCB manufacturers work as a single vendor while providing PCBs to the customers. It saves time and prevents miscommunications as there’s a single point of contact. In a Turnkey manufacturing company, the departments are complete as they don’t depend on other companies or vendors for their work but do all the work by themselves. Turnkey manufacturers have flexibility, and they can combine many small orders into a single, more substantial order. Once the PCB design is ready, and the manufacturing setup is prepared, they can supply PCBs with quantity requirement. Turnkey manufacturers can provide multiple services to customers. As they complete manufacturing, they can provide services like inventory and shipping to the customers.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Services save both time and money as the company does all the manufacturing steps. This system also keeps the customers happy as they get their desired products within the shortest possible times. That’s why it’s an effective system.

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