Every country has their own unique cuisine. Australia is no different and although the locals dine on Thai curries, fried rice and Mediterranean cuisine, these dishes are a part of the multicultural Australia and not really authentic Australian food. So whether you are a local or a foreigner that simply loves eating good food, the top dishes in Sydney are sure to tease your taste buds.

Pavlova is one dish that is a part of modern Australia. It consists of a wispy meringue, with whipped cream wrapped around it and then topped with fresh fruit. It also has a passion fruit pulp.

Sausage sangers are basically, grilled sausages, drenched in sauce and then folded into a single slice of bread. This dish is enjoyed at family gatherings and fundraisers. Public barbeque’s were even built at parks so that this dish could be enjoyed everywhere.

Lamingtons are another proudly Australian food. Legend has it that this dish was served to Lord Lamington in 1900 and he enjoyed it so much that he asked for it to be named after him. Today, you can find this sponge cake, dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut in every Australian bakery and country club.

The Anzac biscuit was created during World War Two by the women folk in order to supplement the bread diet of the diggers. It was very hard and meant to provide energy for hard labor. Now days it is much like the texture of other biscuits, except it is made with oats, golden syrup, flour, butter and bi-carbonate of soda.

Vegemite is another spread created by a businessman in 1922. Since then it has become a classic and vital part of the Australian breakfast, not to mention being a favorite sandwich spread as well. Vegemite is also used to flavor and thicken stews and soups as well.

The Chiko roll is a snack stuffed with cabbage, onion, carrots and beef. It was created in 1951 as a snack to be eaten at football games, this is why it can be held in one hand, since the other hand would be holding a cold beer. It has no chicken but is a much loved Australian snack till this day.

It is rumored that Neenish tarts where created in 1913 by Ruby Neenish. This tart is filled with pink, brown and white icing. It remains a favorite Australian tea time treat.

Australia has their own set of favorite foods just like any other nation. Some of these delicacies have traveled all over the world and have become favorites in various places around the world.

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