Pimples and acne are those skin problems that put a lot of girls under pressure. In society, where girls must have clear skin, this sort of skin problem must have a permanent solution. Girls who don’t like to go to dermatologists seek refuge in essential oil bag. Tons of people all around the world use essential oil for getting healing from pimples and scars. At first essential oils were used for flavor and scent. However, now they are most commonly used for their strong healing properties.

Tea Tree Oil

You can fight a big and prominent pimple with tea tree oil, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When you apply a drop of it on your pimples, then this oil will shrink that pimple and make your skin look clear. It can clean the bacteria causing the breakout, and it’s what you need to get rid of a bump. This essential oil big bottle is what you should have, in case you often struggle with a pimple. As it’s a healthy oil, make sure you top it off with a moisturizer to avoid skin dryness.

Peppermint Oil

When your skin has clogged pores, then nothing can unclog it better than this essential oil. The menthol in this oil will decongest your skin, make it breathe, and drop down the redness level. When your pores are closed, then acne breakouts are frequent, and you often have to face nasty blackheads. Make sure you add peppermint oil in your skincare routine if you want to get a flawless skin.

Eucalyptus Oil

Do you have pus-filled pimples? They must be very painful. You can pop them easily by using this oil. Your pimple will pop and burst out safely. Eucalyptus is calming and microbial. So. when your pimples will pop out, then bacterial infection won’t spread. So, a healthy way of dealing with your acne boils is going with this kind of oil.

Frankincense Oil

Do you have scars on the skin? You wish for better skin. This essential oil bag can help you deal with your scarred skin in the best manner. The good news is that this oil is safe to use for a sensitive skin tone; if you have this sort of skin, then there is no harm in using frankincense oil. Despite healing scar, this oil is good at maintaining the skin moisture level. When you have dry and scaly patches, keep an essential oil big bottle on your nightstand and use it every night. It’s how you can get rid of skin dryness that often leads to pimples.

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