Touch football was invented in Australia by Ray Vawdon and Bob Dyke back in the 60s. The game is pretty similar to rugby only that instead of tackling, you simply have to touch members of the opposing team. This means that Touch Football is less violent than rugby. Touch seems to be gaining more popularity in other countries as each year goes by, increasing the demand for quality Touch Football uniforms.

Since both women and men can participate in Touch, uniforms for both genders are available in many uniform supplier shops. Men usually wear polo shirts and T-shirts with shorts while women wear swimsuit style lycra body suits, athletic briefs or lycra bike shorts. Each of these uniforms must be numbered, increasing the need for custom made uniforms.

If you are looking for Touch Football uniforms for a professional team, then there are a couple of things you’ll need to take into account.

Fabric Material

Unlike rugby, Touch is less intrusive and doesn’t necessarily require hard material for the uniforms. However, players will occasionally fall or dive when scoring a touch down. This makes it important to choose fabric that is both durable and easy to clean. Cotton is a popular material used to make uniforms for many sports. This is because it is able to absorb sweat and keeps the players cool during the game. Cotton is also durable and cleans easily.


Choosing the color to design your uniforms can be challenging, especially since there are many teams using different colors for their uniforms. Most teams operating on a low budget go for dull colors which are able to hide dirt during a game. You can also use a mixture of colors so that your team stands out from the rest.

Name, Number and Logo

In most cases, only numbers are required in the uniforms. However, it doesn’t hurt to add your teams logo and player’s name. Adding names to uniforms is a great way to bring team members closer together and will improve performance during a game or practice.


The best way to save money on Touch Football kits is by buying in bulk. Most suppliers are willing to reduce their prices if you decide to buy more clothing from them. There are also many different suppliers in the United States and other parts of the world and this makes it easy to compare prices.

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