Like the designing process, publishing an app needs some time and resources, but this is not a scare away note it’s just the truth that will hit you after you have finished your app development. So instead of searching online on Publish iOS App, we went ahead and did the searching for you; all your need is to stick around and find easier and trusted ways to achieve your most important step. And as always, the blog’s main aim is to help our readers with better and proved ways when it comes to uploading/publishing apps to the apple store.

How to Publish iOS App in the Apple store, in order to publish or upload your app on the Apple stores, you first need to sign up or create a developer account with either Google and Apple. Some of the essential requirement for signing up your developer account include;
• A google account
• Registration fee for iOS store
• Signor accept the terms of the agreement
• Developer’s agreement
• Address proof
• Apple ID or you can use a regular google account to register
The app/iOS stores always charge membership fees for uploading any app. This can range from $99-150 in twelve months. The registration or membership fee allows you or grants you access to available tools and resources on the apple store. Once your registration is complete/successful, you can now publish your app with no extra charges or restrictions on the number of apps you will upload.

Understand the Apple Store Rules and Guidelines

When uploading your app, you should take time to familiarize some of the guidelines and rules regarding the launch and publishing of your new app. A better understanding of these rules and regulations will make your process a bit easier and smoother. This is because these are rules and laws governing the system, and if you happen to violet any of them, you might end up suspended, which will bring along with losses and waste of time.

The App Compatibility and Size

One of the factors to consider is size and compatibility. Since these are iOS apps, most of their compatibility is limited to iOS and Apple products. In your review and product description, you should consider writing or giving iOS users guidelines on the space required to download the app. In conclusion, designing an app can be simple and even easy but uploading it goes beyond the codes and programing strategy you put in place. Here we are looking at marketing and how users will interact before and after downloading your app.

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