Whether you want to carve some space in your backyard, block out your neighbors, or hide an unattractive view, creating a privacy screen can be sometimes be challenging. However, there are tons of ideas that you can use—depending on family needs and space. For inspiration, here are top 6 ways to add privacy screens in your backyard or balcony.

1. Portable partition

A portable partition can create privacy anywhere in your backyard. Since it is portable, you can use it for a wide range of functions. You can use it to create a separate seating area or to create a space for your kids.

2. Living Wall

Living walls are among the most popular privacy screens Port Stephans because they look fabulous and are great ways of creating privacy. If you don’t have landscaping experience, contact a local nursery or landscaping firm to help you figure out what will look great on your wall.

3. Tree and shrubs

Trees and shrubs is another excellent way of creating privacy on your outdoor space. If you are lucky to have a backyard, there are lots of trees and shrubs that you can plant. It is important to check with a landscaper to see what shrubs and trees might fit your needs. If you can a small balcony, use potted shrubs and trees to block off your space.

4. Metal wall screen

Metal wall screen is a modern solution for a bigger backyard area. To ensure that your metal wall screen fit seamlessly with your outdoor space, coordinate your outdoor lighting accordingly.

5. Tall Hedge

If choosing a variety of shrubs and trees is a challenge to you, consider putting a tall hedge as your privacy screen. A hedge can be a great option if you are looking to create something that looks like a natural outdoor fence. You can either opt for a tall hedge or a shorter one if you are patient enough to allow it grow over the next few years.

6. Trellis

You can also use trellis frame and wall for privacy. You can even allow greenery to grow on the trellis. If you have a balcony, consider adding large trellis pieces to different potted plants—the plants will soon cover the trellis completely.

Sometimes you may feel that you exposed too much when you are on your deck. However, a privacy screen will help you feel comfortable as it blocks your neighbor’s prying eyes. The above highlighted are some of the ideas that you can leverage.

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