Posting food photographs is the current trend on social media. Every chef and bakers are posting the best shots of their products in an attempt to try and market themselves. It is not hard to take good shots of food, but just like any other forms of photography, there are things to consider while making a setup for your foods shot.

If you want to make the most out of your food photographer in Los Angeles, ensure they consider the following 5 aspects while taking the photos.

Use Natural Light

Your LA food photographer should make natural light their best friend. It brings out the best photos in terms of color. Natural light brings out the color of food, dishes, and background as it is. Unlike natural color, artificial colors will most likely change the colors. If you are shooting during the day, your composition should be set up close to a window.

Shoot From The Best Angles

Different types of food needs different angles to bring them out perfectly. Your photographer should understand every type of food and angles that works best for them. For instance, overhead shots are good for foods in bowls while diagonal angles are good when you have to highlight both side and top.

Keep It Clean

If you want the food to be the focal point, keep your background clean but not boring. Food should not be the only thing visible in your photo; you can put tablecloth or napkins as they too make a good background.

Own the Shadows

Although shadows can be an important part of a photo, they should not dominate; food should be the subject. You can reduce shadows in your shot by moving the food away from the light source. Too many shadows bring distractions for the food.

Edit your Shots

If your camera has not captured the good colors of your food, you can edit it until you get the perfect images that you want using the built in filters. For starters, filters are editing applications that give you the freedom to change the brightness and adjust contrast color and bring out what you want. So, in food photography, filters help you accomplish two goals: eliminating blemishes from your images and making your foods look even more delicious.


By ensuring that your LA food photographer uses the above highlighted tips and tricks, you will be able to get the very best photos that will be liked and shared by many social media users. The results will be fulfilling.

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