All Tohatsu outboards for sale come with the Tohatsu 5 Year Limited factory warranty. The new portable lineup of Tohatsu Outboards for sale continues this long-running tradition of high quality and rugged reliability while also offering real compact and lightweight portability. With the all-new “Take Off” technology, Tohatsu can now offer Tohatsu outdoor outboards that can be easily moved from one place to another with the push of a single button.

When T&I first announced their new line of Tohatsu Outboards for sale, the company said that they would be coming out with many more exciting new designs in the near future. As the popularity of Outboards for sale grew, the company changed its name to Tohatsu International. They believe that the name change helped their sales by changing the focus from one particular customer base to another. When the company began selling its first five-year model of the outboard motor, they quickly discovered that most of their initial sales were from elderly individuals who bought the first model without really knowing how well it worked or whether they would like to purchase an upgrade in the future. As a result, most of the first five-year models of Outboards for sale contained only standard features and replacement parts.

Today, the company offers different models—the newer model offers better performance than the earlier one. All of these models are equipped with a five-year limited warranty and a host of extras.

Today, Tohatsu Outboards for sale are very much in demand by those who use powerboats regularly. Some people use these boats in their everyday life, while others use them to cruise on large rivers, take weekend trips to visit family or friends, or cruise various vacation spots. Whatever the reason, Tohatsu provides reliable, strong power boats that can stand up to any abuse and provide years of trouble-free service for you and your family or friends.

The durable Tohatsu portable lineup of outboard motors for sale keeps this tradition of rugged quality and dependability while providing compact and lightweight portability. Most models come with standard features but can also be purchased with accessories to customize your outboard motor. Many models also offer optional shock-mounted strut bars for added strength and stability and fiberglass decking for a non-slip surface.

Two-stroke or four-stroke outboard motors make a difference in boat performance and are subject to different conditions and hazards. Two-stroke engines generate more horsepower and use oil lubrication to keep the engine operating smoothly and efficiently. Four-stroke engines are less noisy and use oil drained before beginning the engine cycle, so there is no dirt build-up inside the engine.

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