Upcycled wood is beautiful. Whether used wide-plank flooring in the living room or headboard in your bedroom, reclaimed wood looks good on any area around your home. If you are looking for a way to boost warmth in your farmhouse and add an element of history, then salvaged lumber can give you that vibe.

Now the question is how to find the best reclaimed wood Los Angeles. Make use of the following tips for buying and sourcing reclaimed lumber.


Don’t hesitate to search on Google things like ‘reclaimed wood ‘or ‘reclaimed timbers near me’. Check on popular ecommerce websites including eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon. The sellers on these platforms have a lot of inventory they want to make extra cash from. Ask the right questions before placing an order. You want to know if the reclaimed wood Los Angeles has any infestation by insect, rot, or warp before taking it home.

Reclaimed Wood Field

If you look around the countryside, you are likely to come across some abandoned farmhouses and barns. They have probably been around for ages and may be collapsed already. You will be happy to learn that some owners of those old structures are looking for people to clear the clutter. If you offer a hand, you could be lucky to get some old pine shiplap or a barn sliding. To identify the property owner, search for the appraisal district website of your county. But you must get the owner’s consent before clearing the clutter.

Demolition Sites

Sometimes, a wrecking ball can destroy an entire building and leave it in a dilapidated state. This is the best place to contact the property owner to find out if there is any wood left after the teardown.


Looking for reclaimed yellow pine to fill your accent wall? Or maybe you want some white oak that can be designed into a dramatic dining table. Some mahogany planks would also be great if you want to remodel your kitchen. Then you should talk to reclaimed lumber dealers. You will find these professional outfitters in almost every town. They specialize in character-rich wooden boards that can be used in old barns, fences, and historic homes.

Architectural Salvage Yards

There are places that deal with architectural salvage. These are hidden gems for old lumber. You can also find used doors, mantels, columns, and porch posts.

Reclaimed wood is just that- wood that has been retrieved from an old structure. It is eco-friendly and provides gorgeous built-in patina resembling wide-plank flooring or weathered boards of an old fence. While you can still get new wood, it can never measure up to the character of the old one. The beauty of reclaimed wood is in the worm and old nail holes. But make sure the pieces are straight and dry. They should not be warped.

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