Indian restaurants are a dime a dozen in major metropolitan areas. Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines in North America and Indian restaurants offer everything from fast-casual to fine dining options, so finding an Indian restaurant should be easy, right? Wrong. In fact, Indian cuisine has hundreds of regional variations and it can be difficult to find the best Indian restaurant for you. We’re here to help!

Here are some tips

The first tip is to consider Indian food beyond curry. Indian cuisine is so much more than the traditional chicken tikka masala or lamb vindaloo that you see in these restaurants across North America. Indian food has hundreds of regional variations and each region showcases different types of spices, ingredients, cooking techniques, etc.

All of these restaurants serve curries but it’s important to remember that not all curries are made equal! For example, Punjabi-style butter chicken will taste very different from Kerelan fish curry which tastes different yet again from Kashmiri pulao (rice pilaf). The same rule applies for South Indian dishes like idli (steamed lentil cakes) versus dosas (savory rice pancakes), Gujarati dhokla (savory steamed cakes made from chickpea flour), etc.

All these restaurants serve bread but it’s important to remember that not all Indian bread is created equal! Most Indian restaurant menus have dosa, roti/chappati, puri, and naan – these are typically the most popular Indian bread dishes in North America. But other types of Indian bread include luchi (deep-fried flatbread made with rice or wheat flour) as well as various stuffed paratha varieties like aloo kulcha (potato-filled flatbread).

How many people will there be at dinner? If you’re dining alone or on a date then having one dish per person is usually enough; however, if you’re hosting an Indian food tasting party for friends, then order one appetizer and two main dishes so everyone can sample a variety of Indian foods.

The Indian restaurant you choose should be clean and comfortable to eat in. Don’t take your date somewhere with bad lighting (unless that’s what they like!) – These restaurants usually have dimly lit areas as well as brightly lit dining halls where families tend to congregate; if the ambiance is too dark or uncomfortable then consider going elsewhere!

Indian cuisine has changed over time due to influences from other countries; there are many Indian fusion restaurants that include flavors such as Japanese teriyaki sauce on top of tandoori chicken along with French-inspired Pommes Frites served alongside traditional curries.

Indian food is delicious and these restaurants can be great places to take your date. Indian cuisine has evolved over the years due to different influences – if you’re looking for a fusion of Indian flavors then consider going elsewhere; however, these restaurants are usually very inviting with both good lighting (whether it’s dimly lit or brightly lit) as well as comfortable seating.

Indian restaurants are a great place to take your date as Indian food is filling and spicy which can be perfect for those cold winter nights especially if you’re looking to impress someone with an aromatherapy candle-lit dinner!

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