Drug and alcohol testing is a common practice in many industries, especially when it comes to employment. There are many reasons drug and alcohol tests may be administered pre-employment: drug abuse prevention, drug trafficking prevention, drug addiction rehabilitation programs, or even drug court sentencing recommendations.

Whatever the reason for the test, it’s important to remember that you might not know what type of drug will show up on your test until after the results come back (depending on how long ago you ingested the substance).

Tips for Drug and Alcohol Testing Pre Employment

The first tip is to make sure you’re drug-free before taking a drug and alcohol test. This is helpful in more ways than one: it helps prevent false positives (which may lead to termination of employment), and also makes the drug testing process easier for everyone involved.

Another important tip when preparing for drug and alcohol tests, whether pre-employment or post-incident, is that you should drink plenty of water—about two days prior to your drug test will be sufficient. Drinking lots of fluids ensures that your urine color will be light yellow/golden-colored; this means there are no excess metabolites in your system which could trigger a positive result on the drug screening results. If you do not drink enough water before having a drug screen done, expect the sample to be more concentrated, dark yellow, or even orange-colored.

Preparation is key when drug testing pre-employment to make sure you are giving the most accurate urine sample possible.

The third tip is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. This keeps your metabolism high, which leads to a drug-free urine sample as well as a lower risk for drug use in general.

The fourth tip is to avoid drugs at all cost. This means, if you are subject to a drug test, do not take any chances by using the old standby “I must have been exposed recently” excuse.

The fifth tip is always be honest about your drug use history on the drug screen form that you fill out prior to providing a sample; this will save you from trying to make up an elaborate story later on when they call in with their results.

If there happens to be discrepancies between what is written down and what was found during screening, expect additional oversight such as closer scrutiny while working or even termination of future opportunities (drug-free workplace policy).

In conclusion, Drug and Alcohol Testing Pre Employment before employment is a part of drug use prevention.

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