Colored contact lenses help alter or enrich your eyes’ natural colour. They could be corrective lenses too, but you don’t need a prescription for wearing color contacts. If you are contemplating putting colored contacts on for Halloween or just for fun, keep reading to learn about things you should know before putting on a pair.

Colored Contact Lenses Aren’t Different from Regular Lenses

Besides the color, color contacts and regular contact lenses don’t have any other difference between them. This means if you wear contacts regularly and are accustomed to them, handling colored lenses should not be any different. They would last as long as your regular contacts last.

Colored Contacts Work for Even Proper Vision

You don’t need to have eyesight issues to put these lenses on. Even if you don’t wear lenses or prescription glasses, you may try colored lenses if you want to. For those with eyesight problems, a pair of colored lens is a more “colourful” way to address the concern. Generally, color contacts come in a variety of powers. They commonly cover the +6 to -8 range, which includes zero power. Consult an eye doctor if you’d like to know your vision and confirm the health of your eyes.

You Would Still Require a Prescription

Even if your color lenses have no power, you would still have to see the doctor to wear a pair. That is because all contacts, color or clear, are actual medical equipment that could potentially hurt your eyes. Moreover, a prescription is required by the law. Different makes of contacts function in their own way and should be inspected by an eye doctor to make sure they are right. Once the contacts are approved by the doctor, you would get a prescription to place an order. This also means you mustn’t order color lenses from any online or offline retailer.

Color Lens Shouldn’t Be Shared

It could seem colored contacts are like makeup, particularly if they don’t have any power and you are using them to only change your appearance, but you mustn’t be sharing them. Swapping eye germs could lead to a major eye infection. In addition, the contacts of your friend could not be right for you.

Colored Lenses Are for All

Some have contacts they use for a couple of weeks, and other people wear their pair for one day only. Some people have regular eyes; some may have an imperfection in the curvature of their eye, called astigmatism. Thankfully, there are colored lenses for all. However, certain types, like the ones for astigmatism, could be more expensive.

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