There are several buyback websites that offer you cash for your used iPhone. You may even trade the phone for a credit or swap the device for a store gift card. If you are someone who buys a new iPhone every year, you may typically recoup a significant amount of the phone’s original cost by selling it each time you upgrade. The following are things to do before you sell or trade in your iPhone.

Take Care of the Device

Your iPhone would fetch you maximum money if you take good care of it during usage. This means keeping the phone within a case to mitigate dings and bumps to the phone’s edges and corners. If your device exhibits wear and tear, you would still be able to trade in your iPhone but for a lesser value. Keeping the phone’s original box, including the cable and charger, would help increase the phone’s trade-in value too.

Save Your Data

Make sure you back up all data on your old device. A backup to iTunes or iCloud is extremely convenient when it comes to syncing all information to your sparkling new iPhone. It’s also recommended you sync your photos to Dropbox or Google Photos. There are different apps that help backup specific kind of phone data, such as messages.

Sign Out of iTunes

Exit your iTunes and iCloud accounts as well. To sign out, head to the Settings app on your device; tap your name and scroll to the lowermost part of the subsequent screen. If you are moving to an Android phone from an iPhone, you must also de-register your mobile phone number from the iMessage app.

Reset the Device

Once you have backed up your iPhone and the phone is good to be wiped clean, reset it. To reset, go to Settings and tap Reset under the General sub-category. Once you hit that option, you would then have to turn the Find My iPhone feature on and exit iCloud. If you do not do so, iOS’ Activation Lock would prohibit the next owner of the phone from activating the device. Confirm you want to delete all data, and your device would be wiped securely and restored to its original settings.

Selling the Phone

If you are going to sell your device, start your search with third-party buyback websites. Going through these sites, you would get a fair idea of the phone’s current used market price. Kindly note you’ll get the best price if you sell the phone directly to its next owner. If you sell it to a site that resells used phones, you’ll take home lesser money.

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