A drag and drop application builder will let you publish an app without the need for coding. However, you will still need to learn about good design if you want positive reviews and many downloads. Otherwise, you might end up with an app that doesn’t spark interest. Make it beautiful and fun to use with excellent design. Adhere to the basic rules and you can go far. If you haven’t done this before, do the following before you begin with the drag and drop application builder:

Study Popular Apps and Their Designs

Get some inspiration from the stuff that is already out there. Find the most popular apps in your business category and study their designs. What do you like most about them? What do they have that other apps don’t? Do some comparisons to see the difference. The contrast will jump out at you, allowing you to avoid common mistakes and apply the best practices. List down the apps that you like best, along with their features and designs that made a strong impression. Take screenshots and make notes on the design elements that you would like to emulate.

Consider the User Experience

It’s not enough to make the app look good. You should also consider the user experience while using it. Make it accessible to a wide variety of people. For example, you should make the buttons big enough for fingers to tap them without hitting other controls accidentally. There should be ample spacing between adjacent buttons. Use an easy to read font and apply it throughout the app. Don’t switch to different fonts or colors as this will confuse the user. Allow the users to change the font size and app brightness to make things more visible for those with poor eyesight.

Plan Your App Screens on Paper

Take out a piece of paper and draw the screens that you need to include in your app. Think about where to put your logo and your brand name. Consider the menu options for intuitive navigation. You don’t have to provide all of the features you want to include in the first version. Just plot out everything and add more as you go. If it’s getting a bit complicated, then you may want to remove unnecessary parts to keep things light and clean.

Remember that the best designers have years of experience under their belt. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect right away. Just make your app and improve it after getting feedback.

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