With so many venues to choose from, finding the perfect venue for your event or meeting in South Yarra might be a time consuming and potentially frustrating experience. To make the whole experience better and a more pleasant one, below are a few top areas you should focus on when choosing trying to land the right meeting space South Yarra.


There are numerous meeting and event venues in South Yarra. A good number of them are located in flashy areas that might sound perfect for hosting a meeting. But you shouldn’t be to quick to settle on a venue just because it is located in an upmarket or flashy area. The perfect meeting space is the one located somewhere that is convenient for all your attendees, with good transport links and has ample parking.


Consider the amount of money you have available for meeting all the needs of your event to create a budget. Once you’ve created it, stick to the amount set in the budget for each item and avoid the temptation of spending more. As much as you shouldn’t fall into the temptation of overspending, also be careful about options that are too cheap as you may end up compromising on the quality of services. The best thing to do is to settle for options that offer good value, such as, excellent facilities, food, and other services.

Facilities and Services

It is standard for venues in South Yarra to offer facilities and services, including creative meeting toolkits, refreshments, stationery, technical support, meeting equipment, and syndicate rooms together with the main meeting room as part of your package. But for the best experience, you should also consider other facilities and services, such as accommodation, gym, swimming pool etc., that your attendees would prefer before choosing a space for your meeting.


You should also look into the size of the venue itself just to make sure that it is the right choice for your needs. To do this, you need to estimate the number of people you expect to attend the meeting. Remember that the success of the meeting and satisfaction of the attendees depend on this. A more intimate venue might suite the needs of a small number of attendees, but it won’t be appropriate for a larger number. For a bigger crowd, a venue that offers ample meeting space South Yarra, restaurants, breakout rooms, and leisure facilities to comfortably accommodate the guests will be perfect.

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